Wednesday, June 3, 2015

North Korea totally ripped off Nazi tropes

Hallo Leute!

My name is Alex, and in this blog I will be exploring certain similarities and differences between the Nazi and modern North Korea dictatorships.

Let's examine both nations' display of military parade power, including the infamous "Goose Step."


The Goose Step way of marching originates from Prussian drill in the 18th century, called the Stechschritt (piercing step). Above are two pictures, one of soldiers in Nazi Germany, the other of women soldiers in North Korea. The step itself is a tad ridiculous, an intense aerobic activity that serves no real tactical purpose considering that armies haven't fought in drill formations in a long time. It serves instead as an overt display of military discipline.

An important note is that in the North Korean picture, the soldiers are women. This is significantly different from Nazi Germany's restrictive gender roles because North Korea is more influenced by egalitarian Communist ideals about gender. Let's hear it for Goose Step equality! On a serious note, it is important to remember that women in the Nazi realm were restricted to "Children, Kitchen, and Church" and played no significant part in the public sphere. North Korea at least wants to display women as functional and zealous citizens, whether that is the case or not remains to be seen, but judging by the demographics of Kim Jong Un's government, it seems unlikely to match the high ideals of gender equality.

The Goose Step is a facet of the broader picture of totalitarianism. Both regimes are/were very militaristic in nature, and having tight control over masses of people is a staple of North Korea and Nazi Germany. Formations such as these below serve as an example.

As you see, the North Koreans get a little fancier in their formation flair, having the masses hold up certain colorful cheerleader items in order to create great nationalist patterns. Get with the times, you Nazis.These formations serve not only as spectacles of totalitarian power, but ingrain those involved with greater senses of discipline and devotion to the nation. Well, partially to a nation, but also a


Oh feels so good, listen to that 80s rock, love it. Just to prove my point, Kim Jong and Hitler both have very similar ways in which they preside over these devoted masses.

The totalitarian model usually needs a single maniacal egomaniac great leader to run things. His face gets plastered everywhere, the people can't seem to get enough of him. He also usually has pretty great hair. In this department, Hitler actually comes off as more hinged than Kimmy, and I'm not just talking about the hair. Kim Jong Un is worshiped as a literal God and savior. Some of this is due to cultural and systemic brain-washing. Kim Jong Un wins in this as well. Although Hitler was responsible for the climactic destruction Holocaust, Kim Jong Un's government allegedly locks up, starves, and murders its own population at an exceptional rate, which should be alarming seeing that it's 2015, not 1939. Shouldn't we do something? Or is murdering political dissenters not specifically considered genocide?

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